Phoenix Aurelius || The Alchemical Renaissance, Hermetic Principles & Spagyric MedicineListen now (133 min) | Phoenix Aurelius is a master alchemist, spagyrist, and the man behind the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy, where he creates handmade spagyric medicine and offers online training and coursework.
Hey, all! My screenwriting project(s) have completely dominated my time the last few weeks. Things are progressing, and it's exciting. Because of that…
Johnny Cirucci || The Vatican Conspiracy, The Jesuits & The Political Intelligence Machine (FLASHBACK)Listen now (103 min) | This is an episode recorded for an older podcast I did back in 2016. Enjoy!
Ryan Reads || Rudolf Steiner's Occult Signs & SymbolsListen now (91 min) | This is all four of Rudolf Steiner's lectures collected in "Occult Signs & Symbols", given in September 1907.
Ryan Reads || Rudolf Steiner's Occult Signs & Symbols (Part 4 of 4): Man, the Most Significant Symbol.Listen now (21 min) | This is the fourth and final lecture given by Rudolf Steiner in September 1907 in Stuttgart, Germany.
Sharon Daphna & Gabriel Lazar || Orgonomy, DOR, AI Viruses & The War on ConsciousnessListen now | Sharon Daphna and Gabriel Lazar, a pair of prolific orgonite gifters on the west coast of the US, run a website called, as…
Apologies again for the delay!
Hi, all! Just a brief message to say that due to some unforeseen (but rather exciting) circumstances, I need to push some of my podcast work to the side…
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